Worms Reloaded


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Mar 2, 2017
Made by: Geri

Finally a Worms game which is back in the good old 2D. I hated the previous 3D Worms games but this one is good.
I have used the Skidrow version to make the trainer.

Anyway here is my table with the following options:
Invincible Team 1-4
Unlimited Ammo + All weapons
Unlimited Jetpack Fuel
Unlimited Money
Freeze time for turn
Freeze time for round
Health Boost for Team 1-4
Kill Team 1-4

Health Boost will change the worms' health to 999 for the team. If You leave it on, they will be invincible, but this way it has a side effect. Your worms will not die even when they are drowned, though You will not be able to do anything with them just skip the turn. Generally
I suggest to use the invincible team option instead of health boost.

You can activate only ONE of the following codes at the same time:
Health Boost for Team 1
Health Boost for Team 2
Health Boost for Team 3
Health Boost for Team 4
Kill Team 1
Kill Team 2
Kill Team 3
Kill Team 4

Also, You can activate only ONE of the invincible team codes:
Invincible Team 1
Invincible Team 2
Invincible Team 3
Invincible Team 4

The Unlimited Jetpack, Ammo and time freezing cheats are working for every players.

For Unlimited Money, turn on the cheat, buy something and You will have lots of money. Turn off the cheat if You have the money (I don't know if it will cause any bugs if You leave it on, maybe or maybe not).

Assign hotkey for those cheats that You are turning on/off usually, like the timer freezing cheats or health boost cheats.

If You have the "Freeze time for round cheat" turned on, You are not able to pick targets for the homing missile and airstrikes, so turn it off if it is not needed.



What is cheating?
Nov 12, 2017
Doesn't seems that this is working. In the body count section it's useless. The same thing is in campaign.

[Used latest Steam version]
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