Willy-Nilly Knight Trainer +8


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May 6, 2017
DDSTrainers proudly presents

Willy-Nilly Knight Trainers and Cheats for PC

Willy-Nilly Knight Trainer +8 v1.1.0 Steam : Download Link : Free Trainer + Premium Trainer

Author: BooBoo

Options: +8
Numpad 1 = Infinite Health
Numpad 2 = Add Experience Points
Numpad 3 = Unlimited Action Points
Numpad 4 = Unlimited Free Points
Numpad 5 = Super Strength
Numpad 6 = Super Dexterity
Numpad 7 = Super Intelligence
Numpad 8 = Super Vitality


While playing pause the game and press the key F1
to activate the trainer.

Add Experience Points:
This option will give you a nice amount of Experience
points each time that you press this hotkey. Works on
the selected hero. After adding the Experience points,
gain some exp by killing an enemy to refresh the new value.

All the options are self-explanatory. If you need
help with any of the options, please post all your
questions on the trainer's support page on our blog.

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