West of Loathing (2017-08-14)


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Mar 3, 2017
Simple table for West of Loathing, may or may not work. Game generates code at runtime so table has a high chance of not working / detecting the wrong code / crashing.

Usage info:
Scripts with "To Activate: XXX" can only be activated (put an "X" into the box) after doing action XXX.
Scripts with "To Update: XXX" will only update their effect after doing action XXX.
Addresses with "XXX?" will enable the script effect XXX when 1 is put into the Value.

In general:
A. Do action YYY.
B. Activate (put an X) the "Initialization (Activate This First)" script.
C. Activate (put an X) the "Base Address Scan (To Activate: YYY, To Update: ZZZ)" script.
D. Enable (put a 1) the desired effect. Example: "Set Health to Max?" address.
E. Do action ZZZ.

Important information.
1. Most data stored as Name / Value strings.
2. For example, to change Meat, look for the Name Slot X with "meat" and change the corresponding Value Slot X string.
3. String values, any modifications should keep the same number of digits. Example, "200" meat can be modified to a maximum of "999" meat.

1. InventoryItem Stats.
"Quantity Set to 99 / 9999 / 999950?" sets Quantity to 99 / 9999 / 999950.

1. Tested game version 64-bit. May work on other versions.

2. CharacterSheet Stats.
Click Character Sheet (the one with the Stats) Portrait.
Allows the following to be modfied.
- "CharacterSheet Stats -> m_player -> skills -> ". Some skills and stats. Stats maximum is 37
- "CharacterSheet Stats -> m_player -> effects -> ". Effects.
- "CharacterSheet Stats -> MData Stats -> data-> Slot X named meat". Meat.
- "CharacterSheet Stats -> MData Stats -> data-> Slot X named xp". XP.

3. InventoryItem Stats.
Allows the following to be modfied.
- "InventoryItem Stats -> MData Stats -> data-> Slot X named qty". Quantity.


Jul 8, 2017
Hi Shinkansen,you have excellent tables.I wanted to create a table it for this game, but I did not like it. I hope you do not mind if I throw down the table, maybe something will interest you or someone else. It's for version 1.0 I'll delete it if you say :)


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