[REQUEST] Weapon Shop Fantasy Staff attribute and exp


What is cheating?
Jan 13, 2018
Hi...Is there anyone knows how to change the exp of the skills and the attributes of the staff.

Thanks... a lot......
Mar 7, 2017
I attempted this a few times, but while I was successful in changing the face values of the stats, they were useless. I also tried to mess with skill exp, but because of the way growth works with different items as it is, I wasn't able to get anywhere. So... I did the ghetto thing. I froze money, and the items used to make some Pickaxes, Potions, and Ingots. This let me leave it running while at work/sleeping and level 4 characters Strength, Dex, or Vit, respectively. I did learn if you do this, find and freeze the END RESULT as well as the values for the materials to make them; otherwise you'll make so many you go over the "max" and the game has some really weird sprite issues, ultimately crashing.