Want Old tables ? Look Here


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Mar 2, 2017
I see a few things wrong with that.

1. Tables are moderated. Not every table makes it and the owner of that repository will run scared complying to whichever company bullies him. Look at the big notice to media companies. The owner is waving defeated flag upon its launch :lol:

2. The moment that repository gains traction and gets noticed by whoever sent the C&D to Dark byte can do to github and you get shut down. Of all the options, i don't understand why you guys run to the most dmca compliant sites? ( read - https://github.com/github/dmca )

3. There's another problem, how do you submit your own tables? and who approves them? Its a horrible platform. I've to use it for my work, the last thing i wanna use it is for fun.

I am quite surprised. Are we really this weak that i am the only one who has the steel balls (apparently) to stand up and say fuck you to the companies? I will tell you right now, no tables in this place will get moderated, no tables will be removed to please any company. In fact, other admins said tables modifying both offline/online components shouldn't be allowed to which i agreed but i couldn't care less if they were.

I honestly thought a lot of sites capable of standing up to dmca would have popped up but nein!, github/reddit/facebook is the best the community can offer. Makes me sad.

I can't in good conscience vouch for a sinking boat, in fact you guys should tell whoever the owner of that github is to import the tables here. He won't have to moderate them here or wave the white flag.
Mar 3, 2017
well the dropbox has been missing few tables its now fixed. BTW archive org has archive from August 2016 someone will propably have to go throught there and find tables that didnt make it into the gitbuh and stuff. we could propably combine it to get complete database.


Semper Cheat Not One table left behind :lol: