Total War Warhammer 2 v1.1.0/v1.3.1 (GM and More) 2018-Feb-14


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Mar 2, 2017
Hi guys,

Here is my contribution for "Total War Warhammer 2" version 1.3.1-6213. The table contains a script with the following features:
 Game Title    : Total War - Warhammer 2
 Game Version  : 1.3.1 (6213)
 Game Sponsor  : Patrons
 Process Name  : Warhammer2.exe
 Relevant Info : 64bits/TBS/RTS
 Script Version: 5.3
 CE Version    : 6.7
 Release date  : 14-Feb-2018
 Author        : Recifense
 29-Sep-2017: First Release
 30-Sep-2017: Trying to Fix Construction + Minimum Food (s2.0)
 01-Oct-2017: Added "Rites Cooldown in 1 turn" and fix "CanActAgain" (s3.0)
 03-Oct-2017: Included Arks in Pop Surplus (s3.1)
 10-Oct-2017: God Mode for Auto-Resolve battles and Troop Quick Level Up (s3.2)
 26-Oct-2017: Release for version 1.1.0-4871
 28-Oct-2017: Porting of AMBER features from Warhammer TW (s3.3)
 04-Nov-2017: Release for version 1.1.0-5003 beta
 09-Nov-2017: Release for version 1.1.1-5078
 14-Dec-2017: Release for version 1.2.0-5568
 23-Jan-2018: Release for version 1.3.0-6014 (Rise of the Tomb kings)
 24-Jan-2018: Added two more features releated to spell durng combat (s5.0)
 25-Jan-2018: Include spells related to the army (s5.1)
 30-Jan-2018: Minimum Slave per Settlement (Dark Elves) (s5.2)
 14-Feb-2018: Release for version 1.3.1-6213 + Min Pop Surplus = 30 (s5.3)
 - God Mode  (RTS)             [1]
 - Full Ammo (RTS)             [2]
 - Minimum Leadership (RTS)    [3] (GM)
 - Fast Recover of Winds of Magic  (RTS) [L]
 - Unlimited use of limited spells (RTS) [M] (s5.0) new 
 - Spell Quick Cooldown (RTS)            [N] (s5.0) new
 - Minimum Treasure            [4]
 - Minimum Influence           [E]
 - Minimum Food (Skaven)       [F]
 - Unlimited Action Points     [5]
 - Recover Troop Size/Hero HP  [6]
 - Research in 1 turn          [7]
 - Recruitment in 1 turn       [8]
 - Construction in 1 turn      [9]
 - Rites Cooldown in 1 turn    [G]
 - Minimum Public Order        [A]
 - Minimum Pop Surplus         [B] (including Arks) (s3.1)
 - Level almost complete (sel hero XP) [C]
 - Hero can Act Again                  [D]
 - God Mode for Auto-resolve battles   [H] (s3.2)
 - Troops Quick Level Up               [I] (s3.2) 
 - Minimum Amber Per Settlement[J] (s3.3)
 - Minimum Total Event Amber   [K] (s3.3)
 - Minimum Slaves Per Settlement [O]   (s5.2) (for Dark Elves)
 - Some Pointers               [R]
[1] For your troops/heroes/lords duirng RTS battles;
[2] For your troops that use it;
[3] For avoiding your troops/heroes/lords to panic (Included in GM);
[4] Minimum value is 67000;
[5] Your armies and heroes can move freely;
[6] Your troops will recover size and lords will recover health;
[7] Your research will complete in 1 turn;
[8] Your armies will be reinforced in 1 turn;
[9] The construction in your provinces will complete in 1 turn;
[A] Minimum Public Order for your provinces will be 67;
[B] Every time you access your province the POP Surplus will be 10 at least;
[C] Your Heroes/Lords/etc will level up quickly;
[D] You heroes/Lords/etc can act more then once during a turn;
[E] Minimum value is 67;
[F] Minimum value is 80;
[G] A Rite per turn;
[H] You don't need to manually fight all battles;
[I] Troops will get to max level after the first battle;
[J] When playing Elves, minimu is set to 5;
[K] When playing Elves, minimu is set to 15;
[L] Minimum Wind of Magic = 30;
[M] Spell Usage Number will not decrease (Troop);
[N] Maximum Spell Cooldown = 5 seconds (Troop);
[O] Minimum Slaves per Settlement = 20%;
[R] Used at the table;
1) Run CE67;
2) Run Game;
3) Load the game process "Warhammer2.exe" in CE;
4) Load this table and activate the main script;
5) Now Activate the script of each cheat you want to use;
6) Game On;
- See description on the table entries;
When you can,save the game before starting using table/cheat. So you can always come back in case you don't like the result.
Tested on Win 10 64bits
===========================================Have fun!
The features are DISABLED by default. See [USAGE] above;

Note: The scripts use the CE command ASSER and will not load if it is incompatible with the running game version.

After downloading the table, copy it to the "My Cheat Table" folder.

It is for CE 6.7 or greater

Special thanks to my Patrons for providing the money to buy this game


Big thanks to my Patrons for helping me keep the game up-to-date (Rise of the Tomb Kings)



The Mogician

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Table Maker
Mar 4, 2017

Though it seems like 1 turn construction does not work as intended. Can someone confirm?


What is cheating?
Mar 3, 2017
I'm having issues with one turn construction as well, but I haven't been able to figure out if there's any rhyme or reason to it.
Jul 6, 2017
Havent tested out the one turn construction but, considering that Im getting my ass handed to me on a platter as Skaven in the first 20 turns, ill take god mode any day.
Apr 3, 2017
The one turn construction works for some slots on a settlement, and other not. Not sure why, but there are 10-slot settlements and there are 8 slots settlements in the game, which may be what's confusing the script.


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Mar 2, 2017
Hi guys,

I've just started checking the issues. I will see the need of other features as well.



May 8, 2017
Also having issues with the instant construction, I think it worked in the beginning with only my starting city but stopped working when I started conquering, playing as lord skrolk (skaven).

And if you're taking wishes/requests Recifense, any chance of getting minimum food for skavens sometime in the future? High elf influence points aren't really useful to other factions :)

EDIT: Thanks for your work regardless :D
Mar 14, 2017
It would be great to have a pointer for Blessed spawn units for the Lizardmen and experience pointer for units but anyways many thanks for the fast table Recifense


Novice Cheater
May 8, 2017
Dear Recifense, thank you for the table! I think, that i found a bug. In Malekith campaign, in his quest battle for shield, my army escape from battle just from start. Please check it.


What is cheating?
Aug 11, 2017
Anyone else have issues with "Agents can act again"? It's not working for me.

Edit: Thanks for the great, quick table btw.
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