Total War WARHAMMER 2 Trainer


What is cheating?
Mar 8, 2018
I don't know if, but the trainer for infinity might actually have been created by using cheat engine, just as the aforementioned MAF does. So, technically, you are saying cheat engine is bad.

This is an illogical statement. You're saying that if something is made from another program saying it's bad is saying the base program is bad... For example, let's talk about it in context of an MMO. The base game get's a nice new expansion, that changes the game, everything from how the stats work, to how you gear up, and you say the expansion is bad. That doesn't mean you're calling the original game bad, it means you're saying what it became is bad. So your program *can* be bad, without saying cheat engine is bad. I'm not saying it is, I haven't used it. I'm just saying, your logic is seriously flawed on this specific point. Calling a new program written from the base program bad is not saying the base program is bad.
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