[REQUEST] Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3


What is cheating?
Oct 30, 2017
Hey guys, new here. Been playing this classic game for a while (I love street racing)
I just want 1 cheat.

Oil and Water temperature do not rise (85°C and 80°C).

Of course I did search for ps2 codes but there are no such cheat.
I have narrowed down to these 4 addresses but as I feared they are not base address, and I am so bad at pointers.

Tip: To raise temperature quickly at the start of the game buy Mitsubishi Lancer EX, buy engine and muffler upgrades.
Go to Car Setting > Others > Set boost up to level 3 > Press X twice
Course Select > Select a point where there are long highways > Go behind rival (blue arrow) > Press R2 to challenge rival
Once the race starts, press Select to turn on turbo boost, a red square under turbo meter will light up if done correctly.
This will raise water and oil temperature quickly.

Water Temp addresses 80°C (float)

Oil Temp addresses 85°C (float)

Thanks in advance.
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