theHunter No reload rifle

Nov 1, 2017
Hi everybody!

This hack is only for educational purposes, I'm practising about finding offsets and inject memory instructions. My goal with this hack is no reload rifle... After a lot of hour digging in assembler I did not find anything that make no-reload my gun.

Game is theHunter clasic:

I'm trying with this game because it seems easy to seek and change... I did a lot of tutorials with other games ( i see every video from fleep, chapman, etc), but never with shooters...

I found a lot of variables, like amount of bullets and I can be able to get infinite ammo (no decreasing when I shot)... but I'm loosing when I want to not to reload my gun

I already got all dissect structure about my gun (i can see max bullets, actual bullets, etc) but I keep loose, I dont know where keep looking...

I found too my position matrix, but I dont know what to do with it (We could do walking faster...)

I am interested on learning... I'm an old computer science guy with memory, operative system and c++ knowledge... (and web development: my job xD)

How or where do I learn this kind of things?

My next step will be to wallhack animals, I already know c++ but I need to learn to find position matrix,

Is this idea for skilled people?

Any clue or tip would be appreciate

Thank you


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Aug 26, 2017
About the code:
Symbols are global, so anything you register with registersysmbol needs a unique name, otherwise you run into troubles/crashes, when you use both scripts.

In the "Inf ammo" script:
You probably could have just nopped the "theHunter.exe+298618" line. Taking the "jne theHunter.exe+298643" line into the replaced code defeats the purpose of doing an aobscan, that offset will change and then you'll jump into nirvana and crash the game. Never take jumps (specifically the offset part of the jump instruction) into the replaced code, unless you're nopping them.

For the "No reload" script:
You could have saved using ecx, since you can just do mov [esi+00000140], 01000105. Then calls are the second thing you don't want to take into the replaced code.

Many games change the offset part in theHunter.exe+offset everytime you reopen them and even if that's not the case games are likely to change these offsets when updated, that's the reason to use aobscan and if you're taking these offset instructions into your code you're voiding the aob scan.

Can't say anything about the actual functionality.

Once you have the basic stuff down I guess you're learning by experience? :D And it doesn't hurt to look into other person's tables from time to time.
Nov 1, 2017
Thank you so much for your answer.

I will apply all your tips.

I'm getting better writting good assembler...

I got some new hax (infinite breathing, animal life amount, one shot kill)

Now, i'm trying to freeze animals... so dificult...
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