theHunter™: Call of the Wild

Mar 4, 2017
So i found how to control animals animations. It even better than i think before because with that there is possible to switch a lot of animations like jump, lay down, eating, looking around and so on... Problem is that this instruction affect everything at map, or at least human camera/hands and hunted/small animals. I try to do compare, but i do something wrong and it anyway affect to player hands and send to animals wrong value. I anyway will try to figure out how to deal with it, but maybe also figuring it out will be interesting for someone who more experienced than me?

In attached table in the end will be two scripts: "Animations 1 AOB" and "Animations 2 (Instant Change) AOB", the same "links" you will find in "advanced options". Second script should be just enabled. If it's not - animations can took time for changing. "Cmp Animals and Human 1" and "Cmp Animals and Human 2" scripts doing by me, but as i said, it is not working as it should.

This is structure dissect (with -1C offset) that i was use for compare, in case if anyone need it:
I was pretty lucky when i was able found place where was few different animals at first game loading. First group in this structure is human camera, second - human hands, 3 - White Deer, 4 - Bear, 5 - Squirrel 1, 6 - Squirrel 2.

If someone will need to take value for specific animal, see where instruction from "Animations 2 (Instant Change) AOB" access. As i understand, it is "listening" all animals activity status. Animation value should be in 4bytes. And here is list of some of them for White Deer and Bear:
Walk - 4753
Semi-Run - 4832
Lay Down - 4906
Call - 4725

Also i found how to deal with a lot of graphic settings by using LUA solution from Gniarf. In the end it is yellow "For Graphic Presets" script. It is changing just few values because it was done just to figure it out.

Ok, that was noobish problem with the script :/ Here is both scripts in one, that works almost perfect (only what taken in human hands is bit rotated, but who care?):

updated with proper script that compare animal and human, but values actually change every new game.
aobscanmodule(AnimalActivityDisableIt,theHunterCotW_F.exe,8B 47 1C 39 06) // should be unique



  mov eax,#0
  //mov eax,[rdi+1C]
  cmp [rsi],eax
  jmp return2

  jmp newmem2

aobscanmodule(INJECT,theHunterCotW_F.exe,89 47 1C 8B 44 24 48 89 47 20) // should be unique



  cmp [rdi+8C],#1036831949
  jne code
  mov [rdi+1C],#4667
  mov eax,[rsp+48]
  jmp return

  mov [rdi+1C],eax
  mov eax,[rsp+48]
  jmp return

  jmp cheat

  db 8B 47 1C 39 06


  db 89 47 1C 8B 44 24 48



"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDC9A: 48 C7 44 24 20 FE FF FF FF  -  mov [rsp+20],FFFFFFFE
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCA3: 48 89 5C 24 50              -  mov [rsp+50],rbx
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCA8: 48 89 74 24 58              -  mov [rsp+58],rsi
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCAD: 48 8B F2                    -  mov rsi,rdx
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCB0: 48 8B F9                    -  mov rdi,rcx
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCB3: 32 DB                       -  xor bl,bl
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCB5: E8 D6 74 FF FF              -  call theHunterCotW_F.exe+2E5190
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCBA: 44 8B 00                    -  mov r8d,[rax]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCBD: 44 39 47 20                 -  cmp [rdi+20],r8d
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCC1: 74 4C                       -  je theHunterCotW_F.exe+2EDD0F
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCC3: 8B 47 1C                    -  mov eax,[rdi+1C]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCC6: 39 06                       -  cmp [rsi],eax
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCC8: 74 04                       -  je theHunterCotW_F.exe+2EDCCE
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCCA: B3 01                       -  mov bl,01
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCCC: EB 41                       -  jmp theHunterCotW_F.exe+2EDD0F
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCCE: 48 8B 47 30                 -  mov rax,[rdi+30]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCD2: 80 78 20 00                 -  cmp byte ptr [rax+20],00
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCD6: 74 37                       -  je theHunterCotW_F.exe+2EDD0F
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCD8: 48 8B 87 90 00 00 00        -  mov rax,[rdi+00000090]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCDF: 4C 8B 40 10                 -  mov r8,[rax+10]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCE3: 33 C9                       -  xor ecx,ecx
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2EDCE5: 4D 85 C0                    -  test r8,r8

// ORIGINAL CODE - INJECTION POINT: "theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7835

"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7812: 48 8D 55 60              -  lea rdx,[rbp+60]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7816: 48 8B CF                 -  mov rcx,rdi
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7819: E8 72 64 FF FF           -  call theHunterCotW_F.exe+2EDC90
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F781E: 84 C0                    -  test al,al
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7820: 0F 84 26 06 00 00        -  je theHunterCotW_F.exe+2F7E4C
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7826: 8B 47 1C                 -  mov eax,[rdi+1C]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7829: 89 47 24                 -  mov [rdi+24],eax
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F782C: 8B 47 20                 -  mov eax,[rdi+20]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F782F: 89 47 28                 -  mov [rdi+28],eax
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7832: 8B 45 50                 -  mov eax,[rbp+50]
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7835: 89 47 1C                 -  mov [rdi+1C],eax
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7838: 8B 44 24 48              -  mov eax,[rsp+48]
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F783C: 89 47 20                 -  mov [rdi+20],eax
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F783F: 4C 8D BF D0 00 00 00     -  lea r15,[rdi+000000D0]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7846: 48 8D 9F C8 00 00 00     -  lea rbx,[rdi+000000C8]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F784D: 49 3B DF                 -  cmp rbx,r15
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7850: 74 26                    -  je theHunterCotW_F.exe+2F7878
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7852: 4D 8B 3F                 -  mov r15,[r15]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7855: 48 8B 0B                 -  mov rcx,[rbx]
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F7858: 48 85 C9                 -  test rcx,rcx
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F785B: 74 05                    -  je theHunterCotW_F.exe+2F7862
"theHunterCotW_F.exe"+2F785D: E8 4E E0 5C 00           -  call theHunterCotW_F.exe+8C58B0


Mar 4, 2017
Cryptor post_id=10527 time=1496909887 user_id=6400 said:
How to add skill points?
Search for money, 4 bytes, and then add "-88" offset to it. For example your money address "17D1F5540A0", than just change it address to "17D1F5540A0-88" and that will be your skill points address. Or, if this offset will be wrong in your case, "browse memory region" where money is. Make sure you change "Display type" for "4 Byte decimal". Around of money address you will find skill points value and others.
Mar 4, 2017
I think if i add skill points and moneys - then i should add all another. But for me it is not really interesting. Maybe you will be interesting to do it by yourself?
Rain 5 and invisible - it is Ok. You can see in perks something like "Rain man", which made you less visible in rain and if you make rain value more higher than it should be - it is still affect visibility like multiplier :) You can also see how your visibility will change if you turn on and off Fog.
Moreover, i think if you made Rain value negative, something like "-5", you should become even more visible :)


What is cheating?
May 25, 2017
pigeon post_id=9913 time=1496089163 user_id=636 said:
Just check it on single animal. After freezing value it is possible to make it calm or aggressive and animal react like it should. So it is right way (yay!).
This "123.ct" is a freecamera table,it's buggy but works! The only problem is how to disable it? )
Mar 4, 2017
pino44io post_id=10587 time=1496981514 user_id=6086 said:
This "123.ct" is a freecamera table,it's buggy but works! The only problem is how to disable it? )
I actually no have idea how ti fix that problem. It was made just for faster finding animals values :)
Cryptor post_id=10608 time=1497008740 user_id=6400 said:
Ok. I found perk points. (-88 offset to it). How to add skill points?
Sorry, i translate it to English wrong. As i said, browse memory region of that value. Somewhere around of it you will find level value, experience and others, and skill as well.
Mar 4, 2017
Still in WIP state, but i'm found all of what i want (but not saturation) and because of devs say that they will roll out 1.8 update on next week - i think it is good to share it in current state. Preview pics of table:

- Found how to freeze camera when HUD turn off and it will be useful for those who use ReShade. With freezing camera you will see mouse cursor and with that there is will be possible to use "show with mouse where focusing" for DoF feature of ReShade, in case if someone will want to use it.
- "Borderless Maps" script will turn off timer and warnings if you go out of map borders.
- Using bit another LUA template. Now it is more useful and helpful. Currently here is 4 LUA scripts: to turn on and off HUD and to turn on some foggy night preset and move it back to normal. Of course "foggy night" looks awful (here is example), but this is mostly just demonstration of LUA power. No more need to setup hotkeys for every address and script. No matter what current time and weather conditions, just enable "Foggy Night" script and it do all necessary work in 2 seconds. But sometimes i get crashes when run "Back Environment to Normal" LUA script. So maybe LUA, maybe weather scripts, maybe all of that still need to be polished.
- Change a bit animal animations scripts. Looks like i found how to make proper compare and because of that it hit FPS not as much as previous version. But sometimes it is still affect for player hands somehow wrong. And also sometimes animations values different. I do not know what cause it. Looks like it is use two variations of values, but problem is if you found value for White Deer when it stay somehow - for bear this value may mean to run away :/
- Values in "Enviro1" group that have purple color - this values changing during different weather conditions and day/night cycle.
Existing hotkeys provided in "table extras".



What is cheating?
Jun 3, 2017
Is there anyway to get back the "HeartRate" and maybe more "Carry Weight", "Keep Slient" ?
Or at least, how to update the HeartRate from the old addr, any advice?
Mar 4, 2017
a234106261, it's float and value range is from 1.0 (when calm) to ~3.15 (when heart rate pulse with red color).
If you want just to make your heart rate "1.0" whatever you do - just make script by following this tutorial from Stephen
But when at 5:10 Stephen type "...(float)100" - you should type "...(float)1" and this should be much better and faster than looking for pointer :)
Mar 3, 2017
<QUOTE author="Eddy" post_id="11780" time="1498580524" user_id="1340">
Eddy post_id=11780 time=1498580524 user_id=1340 said:
<IMG src="">

added "no reload" & "inf bullet".
credits: l0wb1t
Can you update the table for the last update 1.10 ? It doesn't work properly anymore! :(
Mar 4, 2017
table for game ver.1.11.1 (Graphic settings. No ammo, money, skill, etc)

Preview pic:

List of some functions:
- "Calm_Animals" script make every animal do not care where hunter is;
- Vegetations group can turn off all vegetations (easier to find animals) or make it bit better;
- "noPressure_on_Grass" there is will no be effect on grass from hunter foots;
- "Unlim_Spot_Timer" if you spot animal with scope or binoculars, pop-up info window will do not hide, as well as animal highlight;
- "Borderless_Maps" you can go out of map borders. Should be enabled before you pass border;
- HUD group will be useful for those who use DoF feature of reshade or want to make clean screenshots without of in-game HUD;
- Combine everything related to Graphic in one big "Graphic Settings" group with attempt to make it more comfortable to work with. Just in case in the "idk wtf is that" group i leave every address that i do not understand what is affect.


Oct 10, 2017
I made one and tested myself.It will just do for money and skills hack,if your are a developer u know that some of my value on these hack can be changed,and your are welcome yo do so for your better game experience! Im just here to learn! (Works for the newest version on steam)

PS: I didn't add the feature which allows your to set "ALL" your weapon skill .

BUT i did added one more feature to set rifle skill point to 8000 ,after your get one kill with it,u can unlock all the rifle stuff.