The Settlers Rise of an Empire Gold Edition v1.71.4289 Steam (GM and More) 2018-May-20


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Mar 2, 2017
Hi guys,

Here is my contribution for "The Settlers Rise of an Empire Gold Edition" version 1.71.42899. The table contains a script with the following features:

 Game Title    : The Settlers Rise of an Empire Gold Edition
 Game Version  : 1.71.4289
 Game Sponsor  : PATRONS
 Process Name  : settlers6.exe
 Relevant Info : 32bits/code not aligned/RTS
 Script Version: 2.0
 CE Version    : 6.7
 Release date  : 20-May-2018
 Author        : Recifense
 14-Feb-2009: First Release for version 1.5.4279 (CE5.4)
 20-May-2018: Release for version 1.71.4289 (Steam)
 - Minimum Basic Resources WH [1]
 - Minimum Prod Resources     [2]
 - Minimum gold               [3]
 - God Mode                   [4]
 - Some Pointers
[1] It depends on the capacity of the Warehouse;
[2] The item amount at the buildings will be max-1;
[3] Minimum available gold is 30000; 
[4] For player's troops;
1) Run CE67 or greater;
2) Run Game;
4) Load the game process "settlers6.exe" in CE;
5) Load this table and activate the main script;
6) Now Activate the script of each cheat you want to use;
7) Game On;
- None defined;
When you can,save the game before starting using table/cheat. So you can always come back in case you don't like the result.
Tested on Win 10 64bits
Have fun!
The features are DISABLED by default. For enabling any of them, just activate their scripts;

Note: The scripts use the CE command assert and will not load if it is incompatible with the running game version.

After downloading the table, copy it to the "My Cheat Table" folder.

It is for CE 6.7 or greater


Game bought with funds provided by my PATRONS. Thank you, Guys.


Cheers to All!


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