The Long Dark (2017-08-04)


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Mar 3, 2017
Simple table for The Long Dark, may or may not work. Game generates code at runtime so table has a high chance of not working / detecting the wrong code / crashing.

Usage info:
Scripts with "To Activate: XXX" can only be activated (put an "X" into the box) after doing action XXX.
Scripts with "To Update: XXX" will only update their effect after doing action XXX.
Addresses with "XXX?" will enable the script effect XXX when 1 is put into the Value.

In general:
A. Do action YYY.
B. Activate (put an X) the "Initialization (Activate This First)" script.
C. Activate (put an X) the "Base Address Scan (To Activate: YYY, To Update: ZZZ)" script.
D. Enable (put a 1) the desired effect. Example: "Set Health to Max?" address.
E. Do action ZZZ.

1. Tested game version V1.01 (32223). May work on other versions.

2. GameManager_static.
"Fights Set to Easier?" improved to kill wolves fast.

3. GearItem.
"GearItem All Base Address Scan (To Activate: Play Level, To Update: Play Level)" constantly affects all Player Inventory items.
"Food, Liquid, Torch, Water Item Quantity Set to Max?" sets Food, Liquid, Torch, Water Items quantity to max / massive. Also sets Torches to be unaffected by wind and burn forever.
Allows the following to be modfied.
- "GearItem Stats -> m_BodyHarvest -> m_MeatAvailableKG". Meat available for harvesting from carried rabbit corpses.
- "GearItem Stats -> m_EvolveItem -> m_TimeSpentEvolvingGameHours". For items that have started curing, setting this to 9999 will instantly cure the items.

1. GameManager_static.
"Stamina Set to Max?" sets Stamina to max.
"Godmode Set to Godmode?" sets Godmode to Godmode.
"Movement Set to Massive?" sets Movement to massive.
"Fights Set to Easier?" sets Fights to easier.

2. GearItem.
"Liquid Item Quantity Set to Max?" sets Liquid item quantity to max.

1. Tested game version V1.0 (32178). May work on other versions.

2. GameManager_static.
"HP Set to Max?" sets HP to max.
"Tired Set to 0?" sets Tired to 0.
"Cold Set to 0?" sets Cold to 0.
"Hunger Set to 0?" sets Hunger to 0.
"Thirst Set to 0?" sets Thirst to 0.
"Carry Capacity Set to Massive?" sets Carry Capacity to massive.

3. GearItem.
"Condition Set to Max?" sets Condition to max.
"Stackable Item Quantity Set to Massive?" sets Stackable Item Quantity to massive.



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Apr 7, 2017
Latest version 1.17 33846, table is all messed up, some numbers make no sense. What do I need to change in the table to make it work again?
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