The Forest v0.71b


What is cheating?
Jan 11, 2018
I do not take full credit for this table. I simply updated some offsets and added a few addresses. Credit to Vlad00003 for the scripts! I will update this whenever needed and look for more interesting addresses!

Infinite Items
  • This script gives you max ammount of items instead using it.
    *It didn't makes arrow infinite, cos it could create much errors if done this way.*
Easy Build
  • This script would allow you to build anything even if you don't have required ammount of resource in your hands.
    After activating the script just hold E to make it auto-fill the ghost with resources.
Infinite Logs
  • I see no reason for it to be, but hey - didn't you ever wanted to spam the whole map with logs? (this usually end up with game crash or getting you inside the texture...)
Player Scripts + pointers
  • this script allow you to use more scripts and pointers!
Infinite Health
  • The title speaks for iteslf =D
    *Also, contain the pointer for the health, but you really should use the script. Why? Cos Cheat Engine freeze would not save you from fall damage*
Infinite Stamina
  • This script wil set stamina and energy in the thread to 100. So it doesn't matter would you use this script or just freeze value in CE
No Thirst
  • This script wil set Thirst in the thread to 0. So it doesn't matter would you use this script or just freeze value in CE
No Hunger
  • This script wil set Fullness in the thread to 1. So it doesn't matter would you use this script or just freeze value in CE
Infinite Air+no screen cover
  • This script not just disable breathing, but also removes all off the underwater overlay and destroes annoying bubbles from the screen =3
Infinite Air
  • This script activates setting reabreather air in the thread to 600 and CurrentLungAirTimer to 0. So you would have infinite air both with and withou reabreather.
Speed and Height
  • This group contain information about all types of speed and jump height. Don't forget to freeze value after changing it.
    Pointers included:
    Walk Speed
    • Default value is 6.5
    Swimming Speed
    • Default value is 3.75
    Swim Velocity
    • Default value is 3
    Dive Velocity
    • Default value is 7
    Strafe Speed
    • Default value is 6
    Run Speed
    • Default value is 13.5
    Jump Height
    • Default value is 8
    Crouch Speed
    • Default value is 4.5
    Allow Fall Damage
    • *Added this, freeze 0 for no fall damage
    • *Added this, default is 10
Player stats
  • This group contain information about some player stats, including:
    • Strength
    • Sanity
    • NextSleepTime
    • Infected?
      • Byte. 1- yes, 0 - no.
    • DaySurvived
    • CurrentFuel/MaxFuelCapacity
      • *Added this, thought it had something to do with torches but I am not sure. --edit-- Just found out this is fuel for the chainsaw!!
    • Cold
      • *Added this, bIsCold
    • Stealth
      • *Added this, bIsStealthed?
Time and Light
  • This group contain information about some Time and Light Intensity, including:
    • TimeOfDay
      • Current time of the day, here is some values:
        0 - noon
        90 - dusk
        180 - midnight
        270 - dawn
      • And don't even dare to freeze Time Of Day! I take no responsibility of what could happend ;)
      • SunLight Intensity
      • MoonLight Intensity
      • Cave SkyColor/EquatorColor/GroundColor/AmbientIntensity
        • *Added this, messing around with these makes the cave bright red and you are able to see in the dark. Not sure why it is red, couldn't get it any other color, play around with this and tell me your results!


Aug 1, 2017
New update and some of the bug fixes have broke things.

Like game crashing as soon as I try to turn on anything.
Aug 1, 2017
makotech222 post_id=31210 time=1517534573 user_id=69 said:
This only works on single player, right?
It doesn't work at all since the update with all the bug fixes. It needs to be updated.
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