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Oct 11, 2017
This is an update to my Terraria table I posted awhile back, since a fairly important script crashed you (it was my bad, I misplaced it)
Plus I made a new useful thing.


> Infinite HP
> A better life Regen
> Infinite Mana
> A better Mana Regen
> Infinite Breath (for underwater stuff)
> Stupidly high defense
> One Shot to most mobs
> Status Effect Immunity
> Meteorite Tile Immunity
> No Item Consume
> Reverse Item Consume (place block, get 1 of those blocks for placing it down)
> Buffed Resource Gathering
> Better Life Crystal
> Infinite Ammunition

Fair warning; The stuff under "- WIP -" has a chance to break your game. Either a crash, or something is broken until restart. However, the projectiles script is kinda fun to toy around with. It's almost RNG on what happens with it.


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