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Mar 2, 2017
parrafin23 wrote:
This game is so new, that I dont think anyone is working on cheats for it.
I did try and Unlimited ammo for the pistol, and i found 2 addresses regarding ammo. It worked fine for a while, but after killing a wolf or what ever it was, Those addresses where invalid for ammo. Not sure why..

I did set exact value to 7 on first scan, then 6 Next Scan. I usualy find the correct addresses when I have 4 bullets left with 4 Bytes as value type.

Alt + tab'in a few times makes the game to crash, So i have to start over.

Im not sure what else i can try, im far from expert user, or even far from beginner in using cheat engine.. lol

But I hope someone can pinch in and give us some advice on who we can search for the correct values Ammo / Health, and perhaps running speed.

I must say its a good game so far, just tired of needing Tarp or what its called to build walls.. I thought it was planks and nails needed, Thats what I use @ home when bilding walls.. lol

Very Happy

Credits: MiracleHack


Mar 2, 2017
Played it for about 6 hours, and did the split one, search, and then add and search again about a zillion times. Havent seen any AI hunters yet. Got a tiny place built up. Hope the game gets some more stuff added.


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Mar 3, 2017
Update please.
Can you also add unlimited energy, mass, fuels in campfires, stoves and generators and water with fertilizer in plant beds?

Also in current version of the game when u turn on godmod with flyhack chickens and rabbits stops moving when u are close to them and thats awesome but it also makes hunters immortal so is it possible to make it like standalone cheat?
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