[REQUEST] [Steam] Eternity Warriors VR


What is cheating?
Sep 29, 2017
Hey guys; I'm new here and I wanted to start of by saying I love the work you all do; it's been a massive help over the past years. With that, I've started playing a game called Eternity Warriors VR and was wondering if someone could make a table or explain me how to modify/ reset how much damage the system measures I've taken.

I've been able to modify and freeze my health, it's simple stored as is in the default 4 bytes, but I haven't been able to find the amount of damage I've taken which the game is still able to track; after taking a certain amount of damage, you are ineligible to get some trophies.

Additionally, a table to make your weapon "ults" infinite/ have zero chargeup would be really nice.

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