Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords


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Mar 2, 2017
Here's a table for KOTOR2.
It contains a single script. Note that this is NOT an AOB script, so it'll crash any other versions of the game as there are no checks of any kind included.

The script will provide:
- Easy Pazaak; basically, it's a rigged game, you win the game whenever you win your first set while the opponent can't win at all.
- God mode
- Free force use; a.k.a. Infinite Force
- Move speed mod; you can move as fast as you want
- Swoop speed boost; afterburner-like, just hold CTRL
- Min upgrades; hold SHIFT when you click an upgrade slot. Will work on opening the whole inventory and equipment, too (when you click an equipment slot or open the inventory), but quest items are not filtered, so watch out.
- Min. credits
- Min. components
- Min. chems
- Max influence; this will set all companion's influence to Max (and keep it there).
- Influence gain mod; you can scale the amount of the influence you gain
- Influence loss mod; you can scale the amount of the influence you lose

Made by: Csimbi



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Apr 16, 2017
Yeah, i'd also love to know which version, i'm gonna assume it's for the latest version the game is on steam or better yet i'm hoping that's the version it's for, if so tyvm.
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