Star Ocean 1 (PPSSPP)

Mar 3, 2017
To apply any changes exit menus and re-enter
> Character Editor slot 1 stats
> Item editor First two new items (arrange with time)
>First character Skill learn

>Save Anywhere

>added more options in character editor, gonna update item list in future if you find anything feel free to post

how to use item editor: 1)Arrange by time acquired --> 2) edit item type --> 3) edit quantity based on value indicated in item type drop down list
Repeat process for next item. If you only wanna change item quantity add numbers in multiples of 8 but that doesn't mean max value gonna be 160 most items have other starting value. (if an item dissapears it actually doesn't dissapear it changes directory check them :) ) Please comment if you want anything new thanks enjoy :3


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