Spelunky [Steam] 99HP/Bombs/etc., Edit HP gained from damsel


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Mar 2, 2017
Made by: FragrantRegard

It's an early version, I'm still learning Cheat Engine so I'd like to be able to do more:

-Start out with 99 HP, bombs and ropes
-Buff HP gained from damsel
-A "damsel-oriented" mode, where HP, bombs and rope start at 3 but damsels give you 2 HP for saving them, instead of just 1.

**NOTE**: you may have to suicide once or twice before the cheats work. Also, it seems setting the starting stuff at 99 seems to occasionally cause the player to randomly gain gold at the end of levels? No idea what's going on, may just be a mechanic.

I am currently working on setting starting money, however currently my solution for this causes the player to have their money set to 1 after the first level.

Things working on:
Simpler stuff (I hope?)
-modify individual starting resources for bombs, health and ropes
-Change at will bombs, hp and rope
Harder stuff (Tried, but ran into issues)
-Setting inital money
-Get money from saving damsels


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