[COMPLETED] Spellforce 3

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Expert Cheater
Mar 24, 2017
Can find only money and expirience 4b.
Need some help with Stats and skill points. Plus something with resourses.


What is cheating?
Dec 2, 2017
A few days ago I tried to find the stat points for the character creation menu (the one where you create your character after finishing the prologue tutorial mission) and managed to find it (it was either float or 2byte, I can't recall which it was - I just tried all of them starting with 4 byte and I eventually stumbled upon it) and I edited it and set all my stats to 10 but when i finished creating my character and the next mission loaded I found that only the last stat I edited (strength in my case) had remained at 10, all the others had reverted to the default value they had in the character creation screen.

Others have theorized that the game has some sort of anti cheating built in to prevent cheating in multiplayer and this seems to be true at least when it comes to editing stat and skill points. Someone had managed to make a trainer for resources to use in the singleplayer campaign but it also affected the enemy CPU player and thus he would also be able to create a larger army than intended by the devs. So it seems it's a lot of work to get any cheat to function properly at the moment.
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