[Solved] No Access (all ??'s) in Memory View?


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Mar 3, 2017
Solved! I think.

I had an odd unknown entry in the permissions for that drive. Huge hex-like number in braces. Anyway, deleted that. Still had issues. Changed debuggers back and forth (ollydbg wouldn't attach to NMS, no matter what version I used) and rebooted a couple times. Final try, ran CE first (as admin), loaded NMS, then attached and CE went glitchy for a second. It then seems to have resolved addresses to names of functions (hadn't done that before). It's working now.

I've managed to get some of the scripts from the original table working (new aobs and some code changes) so, I'm not sure if it was permissions or the debugger or both, but either way it's working now.

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This question specifically relates to No Man's Sky, but it's a general question as well.

So, I know enough about ASM and CE to be able to make some minor scripts and I can usually always take an existing table and make it work on a newer version, etc. And this is where my problem lies...

NMS has a new patch out, and I was attempting to use it on the current version. Alas, only two cheats worked, the rest would not. I assumed this had to do with offsets changing or the AOB's just being inaccurate after the patch. So I load up NMS, have CE set to the VEH debugger and.... the Memory View of CE reports "No Access" and all of the bits and bytes of the actual memory are all ??'s.

So, NMS aside, why do I have no access? I've run CE with full admin rights... I've never had this issue with any other game, 32 or 64 bit. I can see all the opcodes and functions, but if I try searching for assembly or memory I get 0 matches.

Also, if I use one of CE's addresses, say "NMS.EXE"+00ABCDEF ... it goes to the completely wrong offset and CE seems to get a bit bonkers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Mar 2, 2017
Odd. I would check security/permission settings for folders/files of target to ensure that you have read/write access on everything. You might also try attaching to target using Ollydbg or x32/x64dbg.


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Mar 2, 2017
True. :D I initially disregarded that point, as the target could be protecting only specific areas of memory. Normally, this might render the first part of my previous comment irrelevant, however, if those two cheats were made by hooking a different module that is unprotected (e.g. one of the target dll's), then it could still be possible? -- Albeit, not very likely.

Trying ollydbg or another program might give some indication as to whether or not the target has implemented some sort of CE detection. More than likely, though, the scope goes beyond that.


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Mar 2, 2017
Yeah the game code has changed a lot breaking most cheats, doesn't have any protections.
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