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What is cheating?
Mar 31, 2017
Hey Guys, uh this might be a bit off topic and maybe also dumb but I looked everywhere and didnt find even a bit of information out on the internet. Well the thing is, me and my friend are playing campaign and quite honestly, no we dont really like the manage your clan part. So we were thinking of cheating a bit, you know adding some money etc. Now the thing is that there is VAC enabled in this game so I am not sure if we can cheat in our private campaign without risking ban?
Now, please keep in mind that speculations and theories wont really help me in any way since I already know that in theory I should get banned but then again there were many times when theory didnt quite work out. So if there would happen to be anyone with their own experience concerning this, I would be really grateful if you would share it.


Expert Cheater
Mar 2, 2017
STN can unlock this thread if he disagrees, but since you disclosed the name of the target and the protection scheme, then this thread must now be locked.
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