Shadow of War - Trainer v1.12 (Yourself)


What is cheating?
Feb 26, 2018
(F5) Unlimited Elven Rage - No need for disabling it after activating. since the bar will still get reduced after reaching max, like in the original, this function just provides it being available to use after getting 2 kills.
(F6) Infinite Health
(F7) Infinite Arrows/Focus
(F8) Hide Might Glow - Hides the blue glow appearing from the blade, after the first stage of might has been activated. Activate this before getting 1 or 2 bars full of might.
(F9) Constant One Might Bar - Constantly keeps 1 bar of might active
(F10) Constant Double Might Bar - Constantly keeps 2 bars of might active
NOTE: Do not use "Fatal Might" when having one of the two active, it will cause some weird sounds.