Oct 19, 2017
I shadosteel request a script or table whatever, for shadow of war to do the following things
1)make all captains legendary in an instant (current ones)
2) make all the loot legendary
3) just unlock all legendary gear instantly ( since you can keep the track of it in menu

there are 3 tables but non of them include this, looking at you @stn :D they even banned my phone number from discord, and it asks me to identify my self, guess it's self aware now that i use vpn, no more discord for me, maybe i try out tor. anyways would like if anyone could make this request.

just realized there is also no gold cheat, it's serversided crap I guess.

additional info on why I've made this request :

legendary gear is a pain in ass to get, but it matters because something like feral legendary gear allows you to instantly mount giant beasts and dragons (drakes) without the need to lower their fking health. these two skills should've been in skill menu for unlocking like the last game shadow of mordor but they are gear related , would be nice if someone could make them to skill menu or something. or make all instant mounts unlock altogather i think they also let you revive your followers. fuck you wb. they made grinding for legendary stuff so hared and based on luck 0.00001% why ? because they needed to encourage people buy gold chests that instantly give you legendary gear. who the fuck needs this stuff in a single player games ? well lucky us cheat engine is always here to help.
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