Resident Evil 6 100% Save File + Save File HWID Swapper.


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May 8, 2017
This is my 100% save file I've been working on. I was proud of it up until I tried to give it to someone, and they said that RE6 displayed a "corrupted save file". I reversed how the game was determining this, and found out it's using a signature on the save file to tie savedata.bin to a specific computer/user/whatever the hell it is. I've decided to call it a Hardware ID (HWID for short).

You can download the HWID swapper, and my 100% save file here:

Included with the 100% save, Chris, Piers, Ada and Agent have a Lightning Hawk with about 30,000 rounds in the magazine. It's in the vertical(grenade/first aid) slot for the respective characters. However, once you've equipped it, there's a glitch with the game that makes it so you can't switch away from it. I've fixed it with a bytepatch that you can apply with File -> Patch BH6.exe, or apply it manually with a cheat engine table I've supplied, but the cheat engine table method is only temporary, you have to apply it every time you run the game. Patch BH6.exe will attempt to first see if Resident Evil 6 is running. If it is, it will grab the location, then ask you to close RE6 and it will proceed to attempt the patch. If it doesn't find anything running, it will check your steam directory. If it still can't find any EXEs, it will ask you to locate it.

I wrote the HWID swapper in about 12 hours, so it's barely tested. Let me know if this works for you, and if you like the 100% save.

EDIT: I uploaded the source to RE6SaveHWIDSwapper.exe here:
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