Resident Evil 3 [PC]

Oct 5, 2017
I made a table for the PC port of Resident Evil 3 with the Restoration Project mod installed
>>Link to Moddb page<<

not sure about the older version of Resident Evil 3 PC but my version is the Biohazard 3 Sourcenext release with the mod installed you can google that on bing to figure out how to get the sourcenext release. It may or may not work with the older pc port.

The table contains:
-Poison status
-Super Damage - Deal more damage to enemies with any weapons, doesn't always work, something to do with elevation (when zombie is higher up on the stairs or crawling on the ground) (this one rarely freeze the game on entering doors so don't leave it on all the time)
-Inventory slots item and quantity (Jill only) if you want infinite ammo, set an item id to 110 and quantity to 1(if doing on an empty slot) and mix that item into any gun will give infinite ammo. It's for Jill's inventory only cuz I didn't bother doing this for Carlos since his gameplay part is so short.

Reloading Tools - set any to high number to make more ammo out of gunpowders and will unlock the enhanced handgun and shotgun ammo

I've had this game for a while and decided to use this to learn how to hack games. This game is super easy to do
I haven't tried hacking this in the emulator versions cuz there are gameshark/action replay for that and i doubt this table will work on those versions.


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    Bio3 Sourcenext + Re3 Restoration mod

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