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Mar 2, 2017
Please revise the below template before attempting to post any requests in this forum. Reason to follow this template is to ensure we gather all relevant details to try and fulfill it.

New topics/requests that don't conform to this format may be deleted at moderators' discretion.

Template example

You may copy-paste the example below and adjust it to suit your needs. Kindly make sure every non-optional field exists in your template (if you don't know a certain aspect - e.g.: Game Engine, considering you searched high and low for it and couldn't find it - leave it blank after the ":").

[media=youtube]7KRnOXQswrk[/media] (optional -- leave only the youtube link id between ] and [)
(space)(optional -- IF above is included)
[b]Game Name:[/b] Far Cry 5
[b]Game Engine:[/b] Dunia Engine 2 (use wikipedia to find out)
[b]Game Version:[/b] 1.2.0
[b]Options Required:[/b] Health, Ammo
[b]Game/Steam Website:[/b] https://far-cry.ubisoft.com/
[b]Other Info:[/b] Here you may place additional info which may be relevant to your request.
For example the game may need to be installed/setup a certain way, or you may wish to state
that you are using a specific No-disc fix or Mini-image. (optional)
Also, if a table or trainer is prefered. (optional)
And if you're willing to pay for a trainer or not. (optional)
Just to be clear, change 'Far Cry 5' to your game title. Mind not skipping the space between [/b] and game title (e.g.: [/b](space)Far Cry 5).

Steps to create the request

#1) Fill-in the Title field with your game title:

#2) Copy-paste the data from the above example and edit it to your liking:

(with youtube link)

(without youtube link)

#3) If you want the request to be a PAID one, please change the topic's prefix to reflect this aspect (you may do so after creation as well, by editing the topic):

This changes the prefix to:

#4) Once you're done with the above, click the Post thread button. The result of the actions presented in the screenshots is this one:

Here's another example of a nicely done request: https://fearlessrevolution.com/threads/battletech.6575/.

#5) Once you requests have been met, please return to your topic and set its prefix to [COMPLETED] (see #3 above for how to change this after posting). We'd really like to know if your demands have been met, as well as getting your feedback (optionally, a post expressing your thoughts would be enough).

  1. Do not include [REQUEST], [COMPLETED], [PAID] tags in the title of your request. Please refer to the above example (at #1) of filling-in the title.

  2. If your FIRST POST in the topic/thread starts with "I want this option, please" instead of the template you were told to follow, your topic will get locked, set to [REJECTED] and a warning will be applied.

  3. If original poster (referred to as OP) mentions a specific version in his request, please don't hijack his topic by asking for updates for YOUR version of the game. Create another request instead.

  4. If OP asks for certain options in his request, please don't hijack his topic asking yours. Create another request instead. Even though the game is the same, we'd like to address requests as they come.

  5. (optional) If you somehow don't know how to set prefix to [COMPLETED] once your demands have been met, please leave at least a post/comment to let us know all's dandy (table works, thanks, etc.).

In effect since April 13th 2018.
Updated April 29th 2018.
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