Recettear v1.108 +4


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Mar 2, 2017
For official steam latest version...and fans of my work.

[credits]gaming04, XxkimimaruxX[/credits]

1. Walk Speed+ : Walk faster...anywhere. Wink
2. Attack Speed+ : Attack as fast as you want...dungeons.
3. Time of Day : Cheat time... Smile
4. Succeed any Sale : Sell anything at any price...don't use it. Recettear is a fun game, keep it that way. Wink

** This table is meant for you to combine with your favorite table. **

recettear v1.108 item bag size cheat table by XxkimimaruxX

Recettear Full Game by kache


But, if you want me to make this a complete table, just say so. Smile

well it took me a while but i finally found the address for the item bag size in recettear. now you can carry as much item as you want from the dungeon. i believe that they made the item bag just a little too small for me to enjoy the game fully and when you do level up to when you get a bigger bag it's still not that big of an increase in size, so hopefully this will make the game a little more enjoyable for ppl. i've tested it and it works perfectly.

EDIT: it seems the game has a "hidden" limit to how much you can carry in your bag when you're in the dungeon. 38 is the max you can carry so there is no use in setting your item bag higher than 38 as any items you get past 38 will just simply disappear. i'll try to see if i can out how to get rid of that limit.



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Mar 29, 2017
Actually the number of bag slots available at max merchant level is exactly the 'hidden' limit. No higher not even by 1. The entire memory for inventory is preallocated and the memory on each side of the bag _IS_ used by other things. Its been a LONG time since I made my own table so I dont remember exactly which items are after the dungeon bag in memory, but going higher than the normal max WILL overwrite stuff.
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