Re :our thoughts to the nation of England


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Apr 6, 2017
hi all n community..i know this is a gaming blog..but its so sad to me that 2 days ago an act of disgrace been set alike to england..Manchester..a nail bomb hit many kids in after i would pray to england to heal many kids pass away..may they rest in peace
i m so sad with this i hope the community pray for them too to over come their grief..
please share with me..the people in england is sad..if i say in mistakes..please forgive me..i just mean well..
Mar 15, 2017
Hey, at least you aren't Onision.

England can rebuild, but it's still the fact of the matter children died because of some ideology.

It's not just sickening, it's gut-wrenching. The building terrorist movement has me ascended from blinding rage to SEETHING HOSTILITY.
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