Jul 27, 2017
This is/was just an exercise for me, on how to manipulate player coordinates. As a plus, one can "hover" around the island.
(Readme + images included)

Updated table
- no more "flickering"
- function keys allow one to hover more easily around the surface

Some key features of this table:
- auto_attach to the game (even if the table was loaded first)
- check proper conditions (with help/warning message), whether or not a script (here: 'Gravity lock') is allowed to run
- provide help (message box) when the script is enabled properly the first time
- a 'noclip' feature in all directions (using proper keys): i.e. "fly' thorugh walls, ect
- automatically disable script ('Island locations') since it only has "enable" functionality
(user does not have to dis/enable each time to rerun script)

added additional/better functionality, plus all scripts fully documented...


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