Problem with injecting the code in pointer register


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Dec 16, 2017
Hello People, I need once again help.
I was watching a tutorial from SneakyMofo about finding REAL value by using Visual Value -->

I found that ECX and EBX registers has a real (not visual) value stored - but I am stuck on this part of the code:

mov eax,[edx+34] is the last place where the ECX register has a REAL value in it, but in one place above ECX is not having real value but totally different value.

I don't know how to inject a code in place: mov eax,[edx+34] to change value in ECX register.

If I change code to mov ecx,#4 for example, it is crashing a game totally.

Thank you for your support to someone like me and helping me all the time.



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Jun 17, 2018
I think you are injecting at wrong point. This Asphalt8.exe+95A48D addss xmm0, xmm1 does real manipulation to the data.
In your break and trace see what values are there in xmm0 and xmm1 registers.
Do aob inject on Asphalt8.exe+95A48D and manipulate xmm0\xmm1 registers in your code.

[edx+30] holds encrypted offset to get value you are looking for. [edx+34 + 2*4] is location of your encrypted value.
Do dissect data structur on pointer [edx] to understand more.

This is how data is encrypted:
(lets say visual data is in eax and we want to store it at edx+34)
xor  eax, [Asphalt8.exe+1b9d5]     // Asphalt8.exe+1b9d5 is static address holds encryption constant.
lea ecx, [edx+34 ]             // address of the location where value will be stored.
xor  eax,  ecx                    
mov [edx + 34], eax              // store encrypted value
This is how it is dycripted:
(here edx+34 holds encrypted value)
mov eax, [edx+34]
xor eax, [Asphalt8.exe+1b9d5]      // xor with constant
lea ecx, [edx+34]         //get address of the location where the encrypted value is stored.
xor  eax, ecx
// yey   now eax holds the visual value

Note: if the code(where you are going to inject) writes multiple addresses then add conditions in your injection, as mentioned in the video.
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