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Mar 2, 2017
Youtube tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_D3E2OrmtY

I created this table so now you can do all the hacks easier and faster.Eventhough some of
them Like "TP HACK" and "Pokepon HACK" maybe does not work for all of you.It depends on the
save file

To enable a hack just activate the address. If you can't activate the hack you can try restart
your game and retry until it works.

Pokepon Hack
By activating the Pokepon hack 4 Addresses appear.Steps,The id of the reward,reward and time.

The first thing u have to do is to activate the time address.Just right click it and select the
"Toggle Selected Records".W8 like 15 seconds it if that worked properly in the above address
"Your time" a value like 15061256 should appear and Time should be activated .
***(If nothing happened or if you got a small value like 2 then just restart your game and do
the same.Sometimes it won't even work after 5 tries but just keep retrying.)***
After the 173562131 appears freeze/lock it.
Change the Steps to 1 and freeze/lock it there

So now you only need to change the rewards you are going to get

|=============== ============|
If you want: |--Item--|-Nature----|----Shiny--------|
|===================== ======|
Change Reward to: |----3---|---7--------|---------9--------|
Change reward Id: |Items id|Natures id | doesnt matter|

So lets say i want a masterball as my reward I have to change the Reward to 3 and Reward id
to 529 and lock/freeze them.
If i want my pokemon to become shiny I only have to change Reward to 9
And if i want to change my pokemons nature to Hasty i need to change Reward to 7 and
Reward id to 23

The Pokepon hack maybe does not work for you...Depends on your save file

Item Hack

Activate The Item Hack and in the Address that appears (Item Id) Put the Id of the Item that
you want.
Then go to the Pokemarket and you will be able to buy the Item you want to

So Lets say i want CANDIES. I just have to activate the Hack and change the "Item ID" to 527
then i can go to the market and buy as many as i want.

The Item will react normal by the time you restart. So before you use it restart your game first

Activate the Fossil Hack and in the address that appears Put the ID of the pokemon you want
Like this every time you are going to revive a JAW FOSSIL from your secret base it will give
you the pokemon you want.You can buy JAW FOSSILS using the previous hack

So if i want Mewtwo I just have to activate the hack change the "Jaw Fossil" to 301
Go to fossil maniac and ask him to revive my jaw fossil.

Repel Steps

That Hack just allows you to change the steps that remains before your Repel expires.
Activate it, Change the value to 7 and lock/freeze it there.


Well probably this one does not work for everyone...

Activate the Hack and 3 Addresses will appear:Map,Xpos and Ypos
First Lock/freeze any address
Change the Map vallue to the ID of the map you want to teleport to
Then Change the X pos and Y pos as you like.

Xpos And Y pos will Determine your position in the map.

For every step to the LEFT X-pos Decreases by 2 and for every step to the Right Increases by 2
For every step UP Y-pos Decreases by 2 and for every step down it Increases by 2

After you set your Values you are ready to Teleport.Just refresh the map by pressing button "P"
and there you go...
Your X-pos And Y-pos must never end in 0 or 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 otherwise you are going to crash...

So lets say i want to teleport To Midna town.
I change map to Midna's town ID which is 87 and put a random ypos and xpos.
I Now refresh the map and...
I teleported into a wall and now I can't move. If i want to move i have to teleport my self
one block lower. So i just Increase y-pos by 2


If the above method did not work for you The spawn hack is a good alternative.
Activate the hack and just Put the ID of the map you want
You can't chose y and x pos for this one as x pos is always 29 and y pos 31.So If you don't
want to get stucked into a wall better do the walk through walls hack
After u place the ID you have to, get defeated into a battle and you will spawn into the map
you want.

So Let me do the walk through walls Hack first and now If i want to teleport in Sonata city I
just have to change the vallue to 469 lock/freeze it and lose a battle.

If the pokepon hack did not work for you then TP HACK 2 wont work too.
Activate the hack as you normaly have to.Go to Poke Center and go downstairs
Enter your secret base from the bookcase and then change the Vallue to the ID of the map you
want.Then just exit ur secret base and u will be teleported to the place you want.Again you
can't determine the y and x pos so you will need the walk through walls hack as before

Buy Pokemon

This Hack lets you determine what pokemon you will buy from Game corner
Activate the hack and in the address that appears put the ID of the Pokemon you want to buy
Then go to Game Corner And buy DRATINY (only works with dratiny).Instead of Dratiny you are
going to get the pokemon you want to.

So if I want HO-OH i just activate the hack I change the value to 501 and Buy Dratiny

If you don't have enough coins you can Hack them with the same way you hack your money


If the Pokepon hack did not work for you then neither will this.
Activate the Hack as always,enter a grotto and if it has a pokeball by changing the address
appeared you can determine the item it will give you.If it has a pokemon you can determine
the pokemon you are going to battle.If it is a pokeball just put the Id of the item you want
and if it is a pokemon put the ID of the pokemon you want

Current Hidden Grotto Map IDs:

Any grotto refresh after 12 hours so If you want to get More items/pokemons you can change
the time of your pc so they refresh.


Just put 2 pokemons in DayCare activate the Cheat then change the value to 3 and lock it
Go to daycare lady and take as many eggs as you want
Then you can change the value back to 1 and put some other pokemons to breed

With this cheat you can even breed Deltas and Legendaries

1= No egg
2= Egg

To hatch the eggs put them in your party.Scan for unknown initial value Do one step and search
for decreased value by 2. Repeat it until you find all the values u need. Change them to 3 and
just do a step
Mode Hack

By activating the Mode Hack 3 addresses will appear.
One for 100% shiny rate
One for Debug Mode
And one for Randomizer

Chose the Mode you want and change it's value to "2"
You can combine them.
Party Debug mode will unlock another option in your party.
The option is "Debug" and lets you modify your pokemon


Special Thanks To

Made by: Godnemesis



What is cheating?
Sep 10, 2017
What do I do to fix things after the cheat table breaks? I can't use the "mode hack" anymore because all the "address" values changed to a value like "hack+180-2f4" as shown in the image.



What is cheating?
Nov 6, 2017
Pokepon don't works by me. By 50 trys it does not function. Can anyone help please?


What is cheating?
Nov 18, 2017
Anyone know how to fix the trainer once it broke? Found this thread on google, worked twice for me but now it broke, tried to uninstall everything related to the game but doesn't work


What is cheating?
Dec 12, 2017
Please post the table and put it online. The video has been removed. Thanks :)


What is cheating?
Jan 26, 2018
Kinda bummed this doesn't work. On day 5 of soft resetting trying to get my shiny starter lol Got my hopes up when I saw this x.x


What is cheating?
Dec 12, 2017
Sol2112 post_id=23694 time=1509958328 user_id=10160 said:
Pokepon don't works by me. By 50 trys it does not function. Can anyone help please?
I had the same problem, just redownload the Cheat table :)
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