Pokemon Colosseum Randomizer v1.0 [Dolphin 5.0 x64]

Feb 23, 2018
-Randomizes Pokemon Species, their moves, their types, and their abilities
-Randomizes Shadow Pokemon
-Difficulty and Level Scaler
-Works on Intel and AMD (?) Processors (64-bit Operating Systems only - Most Likely Windows Only)
-Pokemon models occasionally do not sync up with their species properly (This has been remedied for 98% of cases. This rarely ever happens)
-Pokemon icons above their health bars are blanked out and do not sync up
-Health doesn't sync properly in every mode excluding the "Regular" difficulty mode. The '1' and '2' buttons on the keyboard have been set to sync health. If health desyncs on other difficulties, simply press the '1' key to sync the top enemy Pokemon's HP and the '2' key to sync the bottom enemy Pokemon's HP.
-Names don't sync up with Pokemon (EX: Groudon named Jigglypuff)
-The moves Roar, Whirlwind, and Baton Pass are not allowed to be randomized to. This is because whenever enemy Pokemon were affected by these moves, they would end up copying their data onto the Pokemon it was switched out to. I excluded those three moves on purpose.
-Hyper Mode isn't reliable in Gambler and Impossible Modes, most likely due to levels over 100. I recommend not randomizing Hyper Mode here.
Virus Scan:
Gecko Code you need to use once in order to get this tool to generate shinies properly. Enable this code, save and quit, then disable it. Afterwards, you'll never need it again.
48000000 8047ADB8
DE000000 80008180
1200009C 00000000
1200009E 00000000
E2000001 80008000
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