Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (2018-05-24) (Unity Console) v0.19


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Apr 15, 2017
This is effectively a cheat console for Pillars of Eternity II. Should work with any Windows versions though can break if there are major updates. You may have to apply the mod again after repairing or major updates.

The console is more than just a cheat tool as any number of scripts can be run but it is likely what will most likely be used for since that is included by default. It can be quite useful in exploring the current state of the game programmatically for those with the talent.

The default scripts create an in-game cheat menu depending on what is open:
  • Team / Main Map
    • Make Characters untargetable or unhurtable
    • Heal all wounds (Also resets spell counts, Cipher Focus, Chanter Phrases)
    • Automatically Run script which heals characters every second
      • Runs when in combat and when window is visible (runs when minimized) [0.3]
    • Teleport (instantly move to destination)
  • Character Summary
    • Change Money/Stats/Skills/Disposition/Factions
    • Added Companion Dispositions [0.2]
  • Inventory
    • Duplicate Items (Change Stack Count)
    • Add Mods to Equipment
    • (The available list is dynamic. Any other weapon on current screen needs to have the mod for it to show)
    • Enable Free Recipes for Crafting
    • Added Stash inventory [0.2]
    • Filter Stash inventory for Character vs ship [0.3]
    • Add Create item window [0.3]
    • Mod list is all mods found in data files [0.3]
  • Map
    • Reveal current map
  • Ship
    • Change Morale
    • Satiate Crew (food, drink)
    • Fix Crew Injuries
    • Added Food, Drink inventory [0.2]
Notes and Known Issues:
  • On screens like the main map window the clicking buttons will still lead to character moving
  • That is clicking on stuff in the dialog may also click on items under the window leading to unexpected behavior
  • This is very annoying but I don't know how to stop it at this time

  • If you use the X to close the console then it will close the game as well
  • Much of this was written previously during beta and fixed on release so some things may be broken or not yet fully tested with final build.

General explanation of technique used:
Unity Hacking via Python

To Install:
  • Navigate to game folder.
    • Steam: Right click on Game in Library. Select Properties.... Select Local Files tab. Select the Browse Local Files.... button
    • GOG: Select the More button. Select Manage installation. Select Show folder.
  • Unpack zip directly to game folder. PillarsOfEternityII.exe should be in same folder as IPA.exe.
  • Drag game exe over IPA.exe to instrument plugins. (Modifies game dlls but makes backups)
  • Start Pillars of Eternity II
  • Press Ctrl+F8 key to hide the cheat window in upper right corner. Press again to show again.

If you want the menu to be hidden by default change Console.ini file to "pillars.showWindow(visible=False)"

To remove:
  • Drag the game .exe onto IPA.exe while holding the Alt key.
You can edit "Plugins\Console\Lib\pillars.py" to add or change the existing cheats. You can reload cheats in the console by typing "import pillars; pillars.showWindow()" the first time then "reload(pillars); pillars.showWindow()" thereafter. I recommend closing the existing window with "X" or it might crash on show due to a race condition that I don't know how to avoid.

  • Version 0.19
    • Character Sheet: Remove effects, New Inventory Sorting, Appearance editing, change hair, face, skin color, hair color, subrace and others
    • Bugs: Fix Inventory bugs on stash, crew, ship. Edit achievements.
    • Map: Reveal all world map option, edit speed, reveal radius, and others.
    • World overview: Allow party manager screen at any time when no other dialogs open (under actions)
    • Grimoire: Allow mods on grimoire editor screen
  • Version 0.18
    • Bug Fix release for the error with adding abilities (3rd times the charm)
    • Add ability to activate all achievements on options
    • Force remove 1st level subclass abilities when changing classes
    • Add globals for unique item vendor on options page
  • Version 0.15
    • Remove PoE v1 scripts leftovers
    • Fix redraw of Paperdoll after changing appearance
    • Grimoire spell editor
    • Inventory Sorter
    • Fix Abilities for Chanters
  • Version 0.14
    • Add Race, Gender, Background, Racial Appearance changes
    • Fix error with private variable access
  • Version 0.13
    • Add Ship Crew Editor (Xp, Tales). Remove Add XP to all from ship.
    • Split Crew from Stash Inventory in Ship screen
    • Add enable/disable cheats/achievement in options screen
  • Version 0.12
    • Bug fix for non-English ability list
    • Add ShipCrew to inventory on ship stash
    • Add ability to add any number of classes (max 11)
    • Combine Focus/Chants/Wounds to single max traits button
  • Version 0.11
    • Bug fix when changing classes when not a Ranger with Companion
    • Add ability to add new Ships to fleet
  • Version 0.10
    • Update to avoid issues with beta, new version and various partially patched games
    • Add Remove Abilities to Character Screen (and ranger companion)
    • Add ability to change character names (blank to reset name)
    • Fix Ingredients missing from stash filters
  • Version 0.9
    • Add ? for Inspecting items and abilities while browsing
    • Add ability to modify Animal Companions. Also Class change with Ranger will add or remove Companions.
    • Greatly Improved performance on Inventory Screen. Changes to Open Item Inspection window detection
    • Add more filters on Abilities allowing for adding Weapon specialties and or watcher abililties. No checks are made about validity on these lists
    • Show Difficulty sliders on Options screen
  • Version 0.8
    • Add XP / Level by XP buttons to Character Sheet
    • Fix the Character Change to hopefully work correctly now (Still Experimental)
  • Version 0.7
    • Change Class and Abilities to Character Sheet (Experimental)
    • Add Debugging to Dialog to allow selecting invalid options (Advanced)
    • Add Teleport shortcut (Ctrl+T)
    • Fix healing to remove Afflictions that are not Injuries
    • Change to minimize cheat window by default
  • Version 0.6
    • Bug fix for wrong file uploaded which broke the main window
    • Bug fix for the Add Mod Window
    • Add shortcut for heal all (ctrl+a)
    • Add shortcut for reset abilities/spells/cooldowns (ctrl+s)
  • Version 0.5
    • Fix the Heal All, Afflications, Traits buttons for all party members (under Players button)
  • Version 0.4
    • Fix bug where items without tooltips were being removed from the item list incorrectly
  • Version 0.3
    • Added Create / Add Item Window to Inventories
    • Changes filtering and display options on Stash inventory to show correctly on Character vs ship pages
    • Get Item Mod list from the data files and show complete list
    • Change AutoRun/Heal script to run when Minimized (still does not run when hidden)
  • Version 0.2
    • Add Stash, Food, Drink Inventory lists
    • Remove Skills and AutoGrant Abilities options which dont work in character creation
    • Shrink font in Reputation and Inventory (leave a comment if its too small)
    • Added Character Disposition for Active Party Members

Unity_Console_PoE2_v0.2.7z [mega.nz]
Key: !CDjQYETxqVsuL1pieNpxDhVUOQf_7xPeboSZmRUgAaU

Alternate Download Locations:
Unity Console for PoE2 at nexusmods




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Mar 16, 2017
Downloaded this from the nexus, works like a charm. Any way to load an item list and spawn it on the character or in shops?


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Oct 15, 2017
There is a very useful post in the forum of this tool over at nexusmods. A simple change in a gamedatabundle allows multiclass characters to obtain the higher power level skills, which would be locked otherwise.

What you need to do:
1. Navigate to the following folder in the installation folder
"Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata"
2. Open the file "global.gamedatabundle" (I used notepadd++ but it works also with the regular windows notepad)
3. Search for (CTRL+F) "SingleClassPowerLevelByCharacterLevel" and copy the following bracket containing the power level progression
4. Replace the power level progression after "MultiClassPowerLevelByCharacterLevel" with the one you just copied and save the file

With the help of the CE tables you're now able to get all skills of two classes very easily.
Credit for this goes to Acyd12345 at nexusmods

@tfigment Thank you for this marvelous little console, works very well!
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What is cheating?
Sep 19, 2017
thx for the mod, but is it just me or when i use this mod my graphic kinda became blurry, any solution?? thx


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Apr 15, 2017
thx for the mod, but is it just me or when i use this mod my graphic kinda became blurry, any solution?? thx
Well doesn't happen for me. The mod will slow down the character screens quite a bit now when previewing. Not sure what I can do there. You can Min/Restore the mode or hide it Ctrl+F8 to speed things up.

If its hidden I dont expect it to have much if any impact on performance. I really dont expect it to impact graphics. But who knows there can be unexpected side-effects.


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Oct 15, 2017
Any chance of removing the background checks in dialogue?
For example: "Pray to Berath" on the beach after prologue even if you are nether a priest or choose that deity. Or be able to take the aristocrate or mercenary option with the pirates.


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Apr 15, 2017
Any chance of removing the background checks in dialogue?
For example: "Pray to Berath" on the beach after prologue even if you are nether a priest or choose that deity. Or be able to take the aristocrate or mercenary option with the pirates.
The quickest way I can find is to turn on localization debugging.

Type or Copy/paste this into the python Unity console.
from Game import Conversation
Conversation.LocalizationDebuggingEnabled = True
This adds additional options and content. I will probably add a button on the side to turn this on and off.

from Game.UI import UIConversationManager
This will refresh the responses so that they redraw and show the text instead of the not met requirements.
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Oct 15, 2017
While it allows to select any dialogue option, it also does mess it up to a non-playable degree.
As in you being able to select responses for the npc.

One interesting sidenote, it allows to select options that go against what is decided through the world state you choose at the beginning of character creation.
For example: Giving you the two choices what happend with Durance where normaly only one is given, ether he's still alive somewhere or the gods trials where to much for him.
No idea how that kind of power could break the game further down the line.

I know it should be possible, as I played PoE1 like that, but can't remember if it was through cheat engine or a mod removing those checks.
Anyway, thanks for your work.


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Apr 15, 2017
You were effectively asking for being able to get access to chats that you should not have access to. Probably shouldn't circumvent any checks if you dont want to accidentally break something.

The next version will have a button which you can toggle on and off to effectively click through one option. My experience was that if you do not leave it on you can effectively get what you want.

Cheat Engine will I'm sure be able to do it by replacing that line of code that blocks it. I'm not going to do that and not really sure if I can using the techniques I'm using. But if it does it correctly either you can click invalid links but not know what the text says or you will get the invalid options too just like this.


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Apr 15, 2017
Updated to 0.19. There are a large number of updates since last posting. See change log for details.


What is cheating?
Jan 18, 2018
excuse me , does anyone can teach me how to use console game ? :) i dont know much about computer and program
possible add mine line Breezepk
sorry my english is bad
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