[REQUEST] Phoning Home


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May 2, 2018

Game Name: Phoning Home
Game Engine: Unity
Game Version: (as stated in PhoningHome.exe properties under "Product version")
Options Required: Player: Max Health, Max Energy, Max Fuel Reserves, Max Thruster Uses, Max Transmission Height, Max Fuel. ANI: Max Health, Zero Rust, Max Rust Protection.
Game/Steam Website: https://store.steampowered.com/app/431650
Other Info: I've found a table for this game previously, though it is heavily outdated and none of the options work. https://fearlessrevolution.com/threads/phoning-home.991/
I'm merely looking for an updated table or trainer with the options listed above, I am willing to pay for either a table or a trainer so long as either work without issues, and does not cost anymore than the price of the game itself, as that would be obnoxiously silly.
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