[PAID] Phantom Brave (Steam) Skill XP Multi and Monster kill amount


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Oct 17, 2017
I grabbed a copy of this game, but I don't have enough patience or understanding of the game mechanics to get past the first battle on Terra Firma; it's difficult (JRPG) AND I hate playing it (tedious) :D

I'm willing to give a shot at finding the options you requested, but I'll probably need a save file a little further along, at least.

Also, are the multipliers you want to change variable or fixed (i.e. do they change or not)? The latter would be much harder to find, I suspect, if I'd even be able to at all.
Oct 18, 2017
I actually found an assbackwords way to do it..downloaded flings trainer which has skill xp and did cheat engine to switch between number options to get amount I need but affects enemies as well

I've found out the address for kill amount for each map id kill one..increase number and keep going

// Phantoms Added To Create Menu After One Kill
20179CF4 24420014
20179DE4 24020014

that is the old ps2 cheat for the one hit kill

Quick Skill EXP Gain Modifier
2A873520 2442????
Quick Skill Affinity EXP Gain Modifier
2A8F3523 2442????

were the ps2 versions of the cheats so I think its possible on pc if it was on that old system lol!!!
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