[REQUEST] Panzer General Forever

Aug 5, 2017
Hi guys,
I've used CE in rudimentary ways for a few years but recently wanted to script a God mode for an older fun game called Panzer General Forever. I like to pull it out some time every year because it's such a classic. The man (screen name: Rudankort) who rewrote Panzer General (and Allied General) from the ground up into Panzer General Forever took 2 years to duplicate them and released PGF for free in 2009 so it would run on modern Windows PCs. I understand the work he did led to the development of Panzer General with his help.

I've spent more than a week looking at online video tutorials for CE trying to come up with a script for God mode. Maybe I'm too old now at 73 to finish. I found the health opcode along with nearby experience, entrenchment, fuel, ammo, and the 2 byte codes for move and fire but haven't been able to script a God mode. I couldn't find the opcode that subtracts the damage from health or a max health location either.

If anyone with the necessary experience would like to tackle this little project, I'd love to study the result and, of course, enjoy it in game. Maybe we could add a way to keep fuel and ammo frozen and have a unit move and fire again. There are built in cheat codes for some of these things but no God mode or ability for a unit to move and fire again. These built-in cheat codes are in an obvious text file in the game folder after unzip. I think the whole game is 12mb zip download, about 43mb after upzip.

A single unit's health is very easy to find because of the built-in unit strength code cheat. Searching exact value 4 byte and changing the unit's strength once or twice is all it takes. The offsets from unit health are: health+8 = experience, +C=entrenchment, +14=fuel, +18=ammo, +1C=move and fire (00 00 changes to 01 01 after move and fire). I'm pretty sure I found that player units are identified by 0 and enemy units by 1, so I used a compare command to isolate player's unit health from the enemy's when trying to script a god mode.

I'm hoping that someone here will be interested in working this out. PGF can be downloaded for free at pgforever dot info.
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