[COMPLETED] Oriental Empires

Mar 28, 2017
Anyone has table for this game.
Title: Oriental Empires
Genre: Strategy
-Infinite Money
-Fast Research
-Fast Construction
-Max Population


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Sep 17, 2017
I have looked at the Money and Population and they are both 4byte values.

I don't know how to create a table or how to create the script but I hope this info helps anyone who takes on the challenge.
May 8, 2017
Fast construction and research, god how i hate to wait all those turns XD
Apr 19, 2017
i could find only money and pop... if i try with food or income from city i cannot find it.
Someone know how to find the value for research or construction?


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Apr 19, 2017
LegendZero88 post_id=17678 time=1505652600 user_id=2698 said:
Someone know how to find the value for research or construction?
So far the construction is unconclusive. It appears to find values if you type double (so a 3 turn building searched as 6), BUT it not always works. I think this might be related with the fact construction is related with accessable manpower, (going at half speed if you don't have sufficient population), but that's just an educated guess and the search for numbers in a hit-and-miss. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.
No clue how to handle research, thou.

Also, what's really annoying is how the game generates new values each time upon reload, so you can't even brute-force it with ArtMoney to speed up figuring out how things work.

I've got it! Each building has requirement of population working on it (which of course is not described anywhere until you have unemployed peasants and can read the numbers of people needed for construction from there), so it's real value needed for construction is Turns Needed To Build x Optiman Number Of People Working On It = Real Value Of Turns Needed. Then it adds each turn value equal to people working on a building.
For example, Potter Workshop takes 3 turns, but needs 4 workers each turn. That means the final number of turns is 12, divided by number of peasants working each turn on it. If you have 4 peasants working on it, after 1st turn the value is 4, 2nd turn it's 8 and 3rd turn it finishes, reaching 12.
The value itself is Float, steadily growing from 0 each turn by the number of peasants working on it. It works on both internal and external buildings.

No idea how to make that into a script, but it DOES help a lot anyway when starting out in just freshly build settlement.
Still clueless about tech, but I will search for floats now.

Yup, research is also a float value. You go from 0 upon selecting a tech and then each turn add 1. Just be careful not to edit your enemies value.

My advice in general - never start searching from 0 as a value. Takes too damn long.
Also, the adress for research value always starts with 5 (the one for construction is unconclusive), making it easier and faster to find.
If someone knows how to write scripts - be my guest. But it still does help when a tech takes 30 turns to research and you can nail it down within 3-4 just by searching for the value manually.

1) Construction and research are float values that are growing from 0 until hitting the right number.
2) Construction takes into account not only turns listed, but also manpower needed, multiplying the value.
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