[REQUEST] Orbz v 2.10 pc game


What is cheating?
Nov 3, 2017
Hi, can someone help me to find the base address for the timer in this old game, please? it's a 2005 game from the now disappeared trymedia_dot_com and it still can run in windows 7 (it's a game where you control and shoot a sphere to hit stars to collect points, very simple but entertaining).
I've tried multilevel pointers searching, AOB injection, and still can't get the timer to freeze (or modify it) --of course I'm not an expert using these methods--.
The timer does not stop even if you hit pause or change between windows.
I find the address to the shown value in the game, but that's not the base address.
I have the game setup and crack (just ~16mb in size), if you want it, send me a msg.
Thanks in advanced!
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