Onechanbara Z2: Chaos +5


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Mar 3, 2017
re-post of the table I uploaded on the original forum. may or may not work on the latest game update.
seriously, no mouse control?!'s my contribution, just a quick one. see screenshot for details.
probably won't be updated, unless someone make a mouse control mod or something...

I lied, a small update to add a script COOL. which should make all consecutive attacks cool.

updated COOL to COOL .3

added a script that allows you to control the game speed (what it does is actually just fetching the pointer of the game speed), but it doesn't work well in qte of boss battle,
I was "planning" to refining the script more before I include it in the table, but keeps putting off by the horrible keyboard control, and play/cheat some other games instead.
now that the witcher 3 mod I was waiting for is updated, I don't think I'm going back to this game for a while... so I'll post the script as is: (can be found in the table)


Game Speed Fetch
- fetch the pointer of game speed when activated.
- some simple hot-keys are set for in-game speed control:
- numpad/ - 0.2
- numpad* - 0.4
- numpad- - 0.6
- numpad+ - 1
- the speed would revert back to normal after every successful qte in boss battle.


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