Oh the woes of Internet preservation


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May 8, 2017
When I originally started posting tables to the Cheat Engine forum, I had no preconceived notions it would be preserved forever. The volatility and unstable nature of the CE forums was clear in my mind when I first started posted. Not too long before I started posting, the entire table database was lost, and people were asked to "reupload" their tables. Just this year, I find out, now all my fucking tables that I posted are lost. However, I've been a good boy and kept all my tables and trainers backed up in a nice neat folder with triple redundancy.

Pointing people to a consistent and concise resource location for these tables and trainers I release is seeming to become a burden. As Jason Scott mentions, nothing lasts forever, especially on the internet.

Not to criticize the free forum here, but what's stopping this forum from just getting one too many DRM takedown requests, or maybe getting hacked and losing their database? Is this finally the last stop on the Cheat Engine table train? Obviously nobody can know for sure, the admin of this site could get hit by a bus tomorrow, and then we'd have to find somewhere else. But what safety measures are in place sub the admin eating a bus bumper?

What happens if I get hit by a bus? Will all my information just be in the hands of random netizens to redistribute? Let us never forget Geri, taken too soon.


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Mar 2, 2017
DMCA is not a worry and others have root access. This place was started knowing full well dmca and legal crap would be an issue.
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