Of Orcs and Men


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Aug 29, 2017
Now this is an old one but a good one, Of Orcs and Men, the first in the Styx series (relase order, not chronological order)

I just checked the table myself, it worked still after about a year after making it

Table Contents:
  • Get PC Pointers - enable and open the menu to get you player character pointers
    • Arkail Base - The main things you need to worry about for this character
      Styx Base - the main things you need to worry about for this character
  • Free Purchases - self explanatory, not "free" in the sense of free, you still have to have enough trade points to buy the item
    • Trade Points - enable free purchases and open the menu to get your current trade points value
  • Never Go Beserk - just wanna chill and play as Styx? Sick of Arkail being an angry oaf giving your position away? This cheat is for you

    Ignore concentration requirement - queue up as many actions as you like with Styx and don't worry about running out or not having enough concentration.
  • Infinite Health - self explanatory
    • One Hit Kills - take all fun and strategy out of combat altogether. the "iWin" button. (make sure this is disabled during loading otherwise your game WILL crash.

Hotkeys are:
alt+numpad 1 to turn OHK on, numpad 1 to turn it off (so you can easily disable OHK for loading, just do it when a cutscene comes up because loading usually happens around then.

alt+numpad 9 to instalevel to max level (make sure you've got the pointers showing the correct values first)



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Sep 6, 2017
Sadly, trying to open the PC Pointers one crashes the game. The rest work for me.
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