no man's sky stacking hack

Mar 6, 2017
this address = stacking but idk how to modify for unlimited stacking



RCE Fanatics
Mar 10, 2017
I don't have NMS to compare to and test on my own so a few context details might make this easier for me (perhaps someone better could help without them but...):

Assuming by "this address" you mean the first instruction, movups xmm0, [rcx], what exactly is it doing? Loading the current stack count? Loading the max stack count? Loading both since movups moves 4 "packed" floats?

I see nothing that looks like any kind of comparison code checking to see if it's greater than the max stack size or setting it to the max stack size if so or calling a function to do the check or show an error message etc.

So... other than changing what gets loaded/stored (and I have no idea what these value are other than your vague "this address = stacking" clue, so no idea whether you should be changing the four floats at [rcx], [rcx+10], or [rcx+20] or even if they actually _are_ 4 floats or just a convenient way for the game to copy 0x30 bytes of memory around) there's not much I could possibly suggest here...
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