Newbie with CE tables (Final Fantasy XIII-2)


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Jan 3, 2018

Sorry for my complete ignorance, but I've been trying to learn to use CE only for 2 evenings. I'm trying to do something in FFXIII-2 game (getting one item) but I can't even get close.

I've been trying it with this 2 tables, but it won't work with anyone:

I don't know if there is some compatibility problem or the game updated and now this is not possible...

What I'm trying to do is get a character crystal (like Jihl Nabaat, Lightning or Snow) so it can be used since the start of the game instead of getting them in the postgame.

Trying the Shinkansen table, with After Battle Results, I get stucked because I'm not able to change any value for the spoiled items, not even freeze the spoils quantity nor number of spoils (I can freeze the item name, but also can't change it's value).

Then I've also tryed with the table made by Cielos, directly trying to add the item to my inventory. I put the code of any item and a quantity of 1 on an empty slot of the inventory, and clearly something happens but... never what I want. The item starts to appear on other sections of the inventory where it doesn't have any sense (like a monster crystal in weapons) and other items just turns into "unknown item" and the description says I've erased some DLC.

Does anyone have a clue of how can I achieve what I'm trying? Do the tables work?

Dec 21, 2017
check this maybe you get code you want
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