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May 13, 2018
Hello guys,

It's been a long time I have been using Cheat Engine and I really enjoy it. I have always had trouble finding static addresses and I swear I tried every single tutorial present on both the old and new forums (AOB scan, manually finding pointers offsets, pointer scanner...). I simply can't figure out why I can't find any (or very few) static addresses.
I know most of the people here are asking the exact same questions than I will, and you can be sure I also checked most of these threads, but unfortunately I am still unable to achieve what I want to do.
Just so you know, I will spare you some pain and time : I am a developper, I understand what are pointers and offsets, data structures, static addresses etc. Unfortunately I don't have much knowledge about assembler yet.

Anyway, let's go. I have tried to hack many games with CE but always ended giving up because I simply failed again and again without knowing why. My current target is Slay The Spire.
I successfully wrote an AOB Scan script to find the player gold but failed to do so for both Health and Max Health. Still, I noticed that those values seem to be contained in the same data structure, so I use my gold AOB Scan result with the good offset to point to the right addresses for health.
Here comes the first problem : both the values and addresses are correct, though modifying the value won't change anything in game but if I find the address from a normal scan (which is exactly the same address) the modification works. Strange. Also, the health addresses calculated from the gold address seem to randomly change to another location, so I decide to disable the AOB Scan script and re-enable it to find the new addresses. The addresses are exactly the same ! Very strange.

I start to tell myself that maybe the AOB Scan is not the answer to my problems. I try to manually find the static address and every offset but it is very long and I have never been able to succeed excepted for very simple processes (low-level pointers) and have quickly given up that fastidious method.

I then tried the Pointer Scan method, no luck. From the regular value scan results I found (there are 2 addresses, the GUI value address and the actual variable address), I get 0 results for both of them even after tweaking the depth-levels of the scan. At this point I'm starting to go mad, it even worked sometimes in Terraria, why not here ?

Well, I thought it was time for me to learn how to do real hacking and how to find the (static) address of the player data structure, because eh, if I can get that, I can get almost everything I want. Another failure, I didn't see any static address by dissecting the data structure and I honestly wasn't able to see clearly anything inside the structure excepted the values I found earlier (gold, health and max health).

I feel like I have tried everything on my own and I am really out of ideas. I don't know what I do wrong and why I keep failing.
Obviously, YouTube tutorials were even less useful than the forums ones.
Could you guys help me step up a little bit, as I am kinda enjoying this, but I am really, really, really stuck at this point.

PS: english is not my native language, I'm sorry if you have trouble reading me.

Thanks guys.
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