[REQUEST] Mystery Chronicles One Way Heroics ver1.00.04


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Jan 20, 2018
After a long time, I wanted to get back into this good ol' game. The last update was a very small on 12th Dec. 2016. Despite going through extensively for cheat tables, I only could find a table that was uploaded (and credited to Kevin0505) by STN.

Unfortunately, after using it on two systems, I'm probably assuming the table is not working after one of the updates. Does anybody have an updated table that I somehow could not find, or someone to help out?

Many thanks!


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Apr 3, 2017
So I've been using some basic finding values and editing them but I am not adequate enough to find pointers and the like and I'd really love a table that just had all the stat values and maybe infinite health/stamina/energy/money, no durability loss, infinite skill use and infinite items ( or no item decrease) or something.

This game can be really fun if you can make yourself super strong too, but it can be quite frustrating with all the traps and the like,sorry for bumping up a few days old request.

If there's anyone willing to help out it'd be greatly appreciated, but it's understandable if no one wants to waste time on this old game, although I myself feel this is an underappreciated gem, especially since the original (for which I luckily have a table) got so much love.
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