My Lovely Daughter +6 [v1.00f3][STEAM]


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Aug 24, 2017
This cheat table is my 3rd upload on this forum, i hope there's no problem, i do read forum rules..
In this tables, there are 6 cheat. [Readme in the <script>]
Description :
FULL ITEM 99 : Item always full 99 [Recommended to always activate this cheat]

ADD GOLD FROM WORK : Set GOLD ALWAYS 9999 [Recommended to always activate this cheat]

ADD EXP : ADD EXP 9999 To All Homunculus [Recommended to activate this cheat before work, after work in 2 days DISABLE this cheat] You'll know why the reason you should DISABLE it after work in 2 days.

ADD AFFECTION : Set Affection Always 1000 [Recommended to always activate this cheat]

NO SUB GIFT : Your GIFT Item Always 99 [Recommended to always activate this cheat]

ADD SOUL AFFINITY : You can add Soul Affinity by Burning Item that Correspond to the type of Affinity. Joy/Sad/Anger/Fear. [Recommended is yes, but it's up to you to activate this cheat]
Game : My Lovely Daughter.exe
In Game Version : 1.00f3
File Version : 2017.1.2.34239
Product Version : 2017.1.2.13403583
That's the file version, check yours [File Version & Product Version] on My Lovely Daughter.exe -> RightClick -> Properties -> Details.
Well that's the formality and the word. Enjoy!


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