Modern Combat 5: Blackout FPS v2.9.0m | 7 options


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Dec 16, 2017
This Cheat Table is for Modern Combat 5: Blackout FPS game 2.9.0m version. It has 7 options:

• Unlimited Ammunition
• Unlimited Grenades"
• Infinite Health (works only in SOLO mode)
• Auto Shooting
• Auto Knife
• Auto Sprint
• Slowmo

Don't use Unlimited Ammo & Unlimited Grenades & Auto Sprint in MULTIPLAYER because you will be almost immediatly kicked from the server and then banned. AutoKnife is working in MULTIPLAYER but it is working little slow so you must be very close to the enemy for some time to get activated this script. I don't know why AutoKnife script is working slow in MultiPlayer - if someone want to help me fix it, I will be very grateful.

SLOWMO means that you won't be slowed down when shooting while running.

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