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Mar 2, 2017
Well, uh... Hi, I guess. I've been a long-time lurker. And uh, a first time poster, today, so yeah! There's that.

I've been doing some poking around with MGS2... no idea which version, so I guess I'd need some help on knowing that. Anyway, I made a Cheat Table for MGS2... which is obvious, otherwise I wouldn't posting here, would I?

Actually, if it's not too much trouble... I'd love it if other peeps from here helped me out in filling this Cheat Table as much as possible with values that I'm missing for other stuff. Y'know, for completion's sake.

Anyway, here's what I've been digging into so far. Keep in mind that Snake can use Raiden's weaponry if he has his MGS1/Pliskin attire, and/or he's in any of the Plant levels. Snake can use Raiden's Stealth item but not any of his wigs even if equipped. Snake's USP Supressor doesn't work on MGS1/Pliskin's USP. And it would be FANTASTIC if you didn't give Naked Raiden any weapons, unless you have a boner for crashing the game.


>>USP (Snake)
>>USP (Snake MGS1/Pliskin)
>>SOCOM (Raiden)
>>>M9 (Snake)
>>>M9 (Raiden)


>>Grenade (Snake)
>>Grenade (Raiden)
>>>Chaff Grenade (Snake)
>>>Chaff Grenade (Raiden)
>>>Stun Grenade (Snake)
>>>Stun Grenade (Raiden)
>>>>Empty Magazine (Snake)
>>>>Empty Magazine (Raiden)

>Projectile Launchers
>>Stinger (Raiden)

>>Claymore Mines

>Ungrouped Weapons
>>HF Blade (Raiden)
>>>Coolant (Raiden)
>>>Dir. Mic (Raiden)

>Items & Misc
>>Rations (Snake)
>>Rations (Raiden)
>>Bandage (Snake)
>>Bandage (Raiden)
>>Medicine (Snake)
>>Medicine (Raiden)
>>Bandana (Snake)
>>Stealth (Snake)
>>Stealth (Raiden)
>>Inf. Wig (Raiden)
>>Wig A (Raiden)
>>Wig B (Raiden)
>>Body Armor (Raiden)
>>Cigs (Raiden)
>>Access Card
>>C. Box 1 (Snake)
>>Wet Box (Snake)
>>Box 2 (Raiden)
>>Box 3 (Raiden)
>>Box 4 (Raiden)
>>Box 5 (Raiden)
>>USP Supressor (Snake)
>>SOCOM Supressor (Raiden)
>>AK Supressor (Raiden)
>>Digital Camera (Snake)
>>Reps (Snake)
>>Reps (Raiden)
>>Alert Mode Status (1 is Alert, 2 is Evasion, 3 is Caution)
>>VR Mission Targets Hit
>>VR Mission Time
>>VR Mission Enemies Hit
>>VR Mission Enemy Total
>>VR Mission Completer (Set to 2 to complete automatically)
>>Ammo in Clip

>Sensors & Goggles
>>Scope (Snake)
>>Scope (Raiden)
>>Thermal Goggles (Snake)
>>Thermal Goggles (Raiden)
>>N.V.G. (Raiden)
>>Sensor A (Raiden)
>>Mine D. (Raiden)

>Story-related Items
>>MO Disc (Raiden)
>>Phone (Raiden)
>>B.D.U. (Raiden)

Again, really appreciate it if people helped me fill this out even further.




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