MechCommander 2: OmniTech


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Mar 2, 2017
Made by: Csimbi

Following MC2, I pulled the latest build (that is, v559) of OmniTech from ModDB and I made an AOB script for this build - might work with others (or crash them).
The engine has been updated to run on modern OSes, so no messing around with this one - it ran in 1920*1200 just fine, I saw stuttering only on the last mission of Exodus.

There's a single AOB script included, which will provide you with the following:
- Minimum CBills; no comment.
- Minimum Equipment; You'll need this to build the perfect mech as equipment is scarce. Just go to component purchasing and tap CTRL+ALT - it will refill both yours and the stores' available items currently visible (flip over all the tabs if you want to patch all).
- Team Weight Limit mod; so you can scale the team weight limit (a.k.a. drop weight) for each mission.
- Infinite ammo; in case you turned it off in the menu.
- Min. Resource Points; for your infinite support needs.
- Jump jet range mod; Scales jump jet range for your own units; I tested only 3.0, did not go higher, so be careful.
- Friendly damage mod; Scales damage dealt to units on the same team; set to 0 for god mode. For armour only.
- Non-friendly damage mod; Scales damage dealt to units not on the same team; set to 100 for instant kills. For armour only.
- Force salvage craft; This will allow you to click the salvage craft on the support palette even though it is disabled in the mission parameters and hence, salvage mechs even if it's not allowed normally. Be careful though as if you don't have any spare pilots, the game will crash!

I don't think I'll be adding more. Moving on to the MC2X series.


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